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Frequently Asked Questions


Whom should I contact with any issues related to NTRL?

You need to contact NTRL Help Desk at with any questions regarding NTRL product services.

What are the different NTRL subscriptions?

Searching for technical information in NTRL is free. To access advanced features and other Premium services, NTRL provides 3 different types of subscription: Public, Premium Individual and Premium Institutional. Please take a look at the functionality matrix for comparison of different subscriptions.

What are the benefits of Premium Individual over public registered user?

Premium Individuals have access to lot of features compared to the public registered users. The most important ones being advance search, personalization and social networking.

Where can I find the pricing for NTRL Premium subscription?

Please check the following link NTRL Premium Pricing.

Where can I find the Premium Institutional service order form?

Please check the following link NTRL Premium Institutional Service Order form.

Where can I find the Premium Individual service order form?

Please check the following link NTRL Premium Individual Service Order form.


I have successfully created an account but I cannot login?

Many users are confused between NTRL and NTIS accounts. NTRL and NTIS are different web applications and they have different logins. Go to login and click “Create a Public Access account” to create an NTRL account.

I have created an account in NTRL. I have never received activation code in email?

There can be multiple reasons for this behavior. In reality this depends on email exchange servers. Sometimes email servers deliver email messages with a delay, so you might have to wait for some time before you receive the email. Some email servers might see activation email as a SPAM email and the email goes in SPAM folder. Check your spam folder for email. We have tested the account creation with major email servers like gmail, yahoo etc. The emails were delivered right away. We found that there were issues with Hotmail/Windows Live users.

I don’t remember my username/password?

If you don’t remember your username/password, you can use the following link Need Help?. This link is also available below the Sign In button of the NTRL login page. It asks simple questions related to your account and you should be able to recover username/password. This also can be used to reset password.

Digital on Demand

Whom should I contact with questions specific to "Digital on Demand"?

You should contact for questions specific to digital on demand.

I am a Premium Individual. Can I request "Digital on Demand"?

No. Only Premium Institutions are allowed for requesting digital on demand. This may change in future.

Why did I receive a message “Reached Digital on Demand request limit. Check your subscription for details”, when I try to approve a digital on demand request.

The digital on demand request are mediated. The application allows an Institution Administrator to submit only a limited number of requests in a week. Look at your subscription to find out what is the limit. You can also check the functionality matrix. Again NTIS can decide to honor more requests than the limit at their own discretion.

Institution Administrator

I am the point of contact for an institution. How do I get Institution Administrator privileges?

If you are the POC for an institution and want to manage the institutions account, you need to create a Public Access account and contact NTRL Help Desk at When you email NTRL help desk, please send your Institution Account details and also your newly created Public Access username so that we can give this Public Account administrative privileges for the associated institution.

I am institution administrator. How do I manage digital on demand requests?

If you are an Institution Administrator and you have administrator privileges, once you login to NTRL you will see a tab for "Digital on Demand". Once you click on the tab, it will load "Digital on Demand" dashboard. Here you can manage digitization requests from your institution users. Available actions are Approve, Decline and Complete.

I am an Institution Administrator. I don’t see a tab for “Digital on Demand”

If you are an Institution Administrator and you have administrator privileges but you don’t see tab for “Digital on Demand”, there can be problem setting up your account. You need to contact NTRL Help Desk at with your username, registered email address and Institution Account details.

Premium Institution Subscription

My institution has Premium Institution subscription but I cannot access NTRL from my institution.

There can be many reasons for this. The institutions subscription might have expired. Another possibility is that your external IP address is not registered as part of your institution subscription. Premium Institution access is based on IP addresses. Your external IP should be in the list of IP addresses provided by your institutions NTRL point of contact during registration. You need to contact your local NTRL point of contact and check if your external IP address is registered.

How can I request trial Premium Institutional subscription?

You can request the trial Premium Institutional subscription by submitting Premium Institution Trial. In the sign up form remember to specify the list of external IPv4 addresses that need to be registered for trial.

How can I upload the logo of my institution?

If you are the Administrator of your institution, you can upload a logo that will be shown on the top right corner when your users visit NTRL.
The logo needs to be a 30x30 pixels image.

The steps to upload your institution's logo are:

  1. Login as Administrator
  2. Select Branding on the top menu
  3. Click the Choose File button and select a file from your local computer
  4. Click Submit

International Customers

I am an international customer. Can I sign up for Public Access?

International customers can freely browse for information on NTRL. However they cannot register for Public Access. Registration is free only for United States residents. International customers are allowed to register for Premium Services only. Please take a look at NTRL Premium Pricing. For subscription comparison please check functionality matrix.

I am an international customer. I cannot download full text or PDF?

All users need to register to download reports. Since you are a international customer, you need to register for Premium Services.